talks with gurdjieff
george ivanovich gurdjieff (1866-1949)

god the word
new york, march 1, 1924

at the beginning of every religion we find an affirmation of the existence of god the word and the word-god.

one teaching says that when the word was still nothing, there were emanations, there was god the word. god the word is the world. god said: "let it be so," and sent the father and the son. he is always sending the father and the son. and once he sent the holy ghost.

everything in the world obeys the law of three, everything existing came into being in accordance with this law. combinations of positive and negative principles can produce new results, different from the first and the second, only if a third force comes in.

if i affirm, she denies and we argue. but nothing new is created until something else is added to the discussion. then something new arises.

take the ray of creation. at the top is the absolute, god the word, divided into three: god the father, god the son and god the holy ghost.

the absolute creates in accordance with the same law. only in this case all the three forces necessary to produce a new manifestation are in the absolute himself. he sends them forth from himself, emanates them.

sometimes the three forces change their places.

the three forces or principles, issuing from the absolute, have created the whole multitude of suns, one of which is our sun. everything has emanations. the interaction of emanations produces new combinations. this refers to man, to the earth and to the microbe. each of the suns also emanates, and emanations of the suns, by means of combinations of positive and negative matter, give rise to new formations. the result of one of these combinations is our earth, and the newest combination is our moon.

after the act of creation, existence and emanations go on. emanations penetrate everywhere according to their possibilities. thus emanations also reach man.

the result of the interaction of emanations is new frictions.

the difference between the creative activity of the absolute and subsequent acts of creation consists in the fact that, as i have said, the absolute creates from himself. only the absolute has will; he alone sends forth the three forces from himself. subsequent acts of creation proceed mechanically, by means of interaction based on the same law of three. no single entity can create by itself—only collective creation is possible.

the direction of the creative activity of the absolute proceeding toward man is the direction of momentum. according to the law of seven, development can go on only as far as a certain point.

we have taken the line issuing from the absolute and passing through us. this line, able to proceed only as far as a certain point, ends in our moon. the moon is the last point of creation on this line.

the result is something like a adder, and the moon is the base of this ladder. the main points of this line of creation are: absolute, sun, earth, and the last point, moon. between these four points there are three octaves: absolute—sun; sun—earth; earth—moon. each of these points is a do. between them, at three points, there are, as it were, three machines whose function is to make fa pass into mi.

all through the cosmic octave the shock at fa must come from outside, and the shock at si comes from inside the do. by means of these, involution proceeds from top to bottom and evolution from bottom to top. the life of man plays the same role as planets in relation to earth, earth in relation to moon and all suns in relation to our sun.

the matter which comes from the absolute is hydrogen, resulting from a combination of carbon, oxygen and nitrogen. one hydrogen combining with another turns it into another kind of hydrogen with its own qualities and density.

everything is governed by law—which is very simple. i have shown you how the law works outside; now you can find out how it works in you. in accordance with the law, you can follow either the law of evolution or the law of involution. you must put the outside law inside.

in our system we are similar to god—threefold. if we consciously receive three matters and send them out, we can construct outside what we like. this is creation. when they are received through us it is the creation of the creator. in this case, all three forces manifest through us and blend outside. every creation can be either subjective or objective.

question: what is the neutralizing element in the birth of man?

answer: some kind of color mixed with the active and passive principles; it too is material and has special vibrations. all the planets project their vibrations on the earth, and all life is colored by the vibrations of the planet nearest to the earth at a given moment. all planets have emanations, and the emanations of each particular planet are strongest when it is nearest to the earth. planets project special influences, but each special influence stays unmixed only for a short time. sometimes the totality has special vibrations. here, too, the three principles must correspond to one another in accordance with law; when their relationship is correct there can be crystallization.

(question about the moon)

answer: the moon is man's big enemy. we serve the moon. last time you heard about kundabuffer. kundabuffer is the moon's representative on earth. we are like the moon's sheep, which it cleans, feeds and shears, and keeps for its own purposes. but when it is hungry it kills a lot of them. all organic life works for the moon. passive man serves involution; and active man, evolution. you must choose. but there is a principle: in one service you can hope for a career; in the other you receive much but without a career. in both cases we are slaves, for in both cases we have a master. inside us we also have a moon, a sun and so on. we are a whole system. if you know what your moon is and does, you can understand the cosmos.