talks with gurdjieff
george ivanovich gurdjieff (1866-1949)

subjective sayings from gurdjieff's father

- without salt, no sugar.

- ashes come from burning.

- the cassock is to hide a fool.

- he is deep down, because you are high up.

- if the priest goes to the right, then the teacher must without fail turn to the left.

- if a man is a coward, it proves he has will.

- a man is satisfied not by the quantity of the food, but by the absence of greed.

- truth is that from which conscience can be at peace.

- no elephant and no horse - even the donkey is mighty.

- in the dark, a louse is worse than a tiger.

- if there is an "i" in one's presence, then god and the devil are of no account.

- once you can shoulder it, it's the lightest thing in the world.

- a representation of hell -- a stylish shoe.

- unhappiness on earth is from the wiseacring of women. (!)

- he is stupid who is "clever".

- happy is he who sees not his unhappiness.

- the teacher is the enlightener; who then is the ass?

- fire heats water, but water puts out fire.

- ghenghis khan was great, but our policeman, so please you, is still greater.

- if you are first, your wife is second; if your wife is first, you had better be zero: only then will your hens be safe.

- if you wish to be rich, make friends with the police.

- if you wish to be famous, make friends with the reporters.

- if you wish to be full -- with your mother-in-law.

- if you wish to have peace -- with your neighbour.

- if you wish to sleep -- with your wife.

- if you wish to lose your faith -- with the priests.